Health & Fitness

womens-fitness-320x214No matter which program you choose, be it Self-Defence/Kung-Fu or our (Sanshou) Kickboxing/MMA program, we’ve made sure to implement a solid training program that is specific and complimentary to these programs.

Fitness is just too important to ignore, and many martial art schools fail in this area.

Before you start learning and practicing your martial art skills extensively, we believe your body needs to be ready for the activity. We prepare your body by laying down a solid foundation. If this is taken care of, you will enjoy greater gains in the area of speed, power and flexibility. You’ll also be less prone to injuries and be able to increase the intensity level of your workouts progressively and safely.

Each program uses a variation of our main Training System, something we call: stations.

This fitness program is incorporated in various degrees in our Sanshou/MMA program and fully integrated in our Self-Defence/Kung-Fu program. Rest assured, once you begin, it’s not uncommon to double your strength and flexibility in 30 days. You many notice the disappearance of nagging back, knee and shoulder pain, as well as increased energy levels.

All you need to do next, is decide which program you want to start in, and sign up for a free 7 day training pass!