Self Defence & Kung-Fu

Adult Kung-Fu Classes

If you’re seeking self-defense skills you can count on, physical conditioning, and a feeling of success across all of your life, then you’re at the right place. As you’ve chosen Self-Defense/Kung-Fu, rest assured we won’t waste your time in competitions. If you’re interested in competitive self-defence, take a look at the Kickboxing/MMA classes instead.

You won’t be asked to learn countless katas and forms: with over 46 years of experience, we’ve designed breakthrough ways of quickly grasping concepts or techniques so you can spend your time enjoying your training instead of being frustrated by it.

At PMA, we’re not one of those “belt factories” either. We’ll work with you on a one-on-one basis, this way we can decide together when you can test for your next rank in a smooth progressive manner.

Fang Shen Do caters to many different people. We’ve broken down the program in 3 sections: Men & Women, Kids and Families.
If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us!

Training for Men & Women

The meaning of Kung-Fu is “Mastering a skill” or “Excellence Achieved Through Long Practice”. In essence, asking someone: “How’s your Kung-Fu?” is really asking them:

  • Are you bettering yourself?
  • Are you constantly learning and improving?
  • Are you stepping out of your comfort zone?
  • Is there still room for growth or are you stagnating and making excuses?

Training for Kids

We have over 46 years of experience helping kids become happier, more confident, and more willing to make the right choices in difficult situations.
Click here for more information on our training programs for kids!

So I ask YOU: “How’s YOUR Kung-Fu?”

Chances are if you’re reading this you need help with your Kung-Fu. And that’s where we come in.
The Self-Defense/Kung-Fu program touches upon 3 major areas:


    Personal protection is the core of this program: with a single focus on saving your life in a street confrontation – not winning a competitive match. There are no tournaments in real life. Mix competitive training with survival skills and when your life is on the line, you won’t do what’s necessary to live.

    You’ll learn to protect yourself or your loved ones in any kind of situation whether verbal or physical, while away on a business trip, in a foreign country, dealing with an arrogant punk at a club, getting some cash at an ATM machine after hours, a robbery, or protecting your property.

    You’ll find hand-to-hand tools from striking, kicking, trapping hands & energy concepts, grappling, weapons, speed development drills, closing skills to bridge the gap between you and your opponent, how to tap into your primitive self to act in spite of fear, and using any trick in the book to win even if it’s considered “dirty fighting”. Surviving and walking away is the only option, there are no rules on the street.

    Weapons are an unfortunate reality of real life attack situations, and we’ve integrated weapon training as a core facet of our self-defence program.

    Everything is designed to bring out the “natural” martial artist already inside of you! But self protection doesn’t guarantee your success in life. You must integrate it as Fang Shen Do does with both health & fitness and personal development.


    Fang Shen Do stresses fitness to an extreme. Once this is in place, everything else is easy for you. That’s why all our classes run 60 to 90 minutes. You leave every class having advanced a specific skill or technique you can immediately use in your life – plus an intense conditioning workout. Compare that to today’s typical 45-minute martial arts class where you exit class with NO new skills and often without a drop of sweat. Using modern research and cutting-edge practices, techniques & equipment, Fang Shen Do guarantees you’ll look and feel better, and move with a grace and ease you haven’t noticed in a long time.


    Fang Shen Do uses martial arts as the foundation to guide your exploration of personal development tools. These tools bring success to the rest of your life by introducing you to meditation, arrow breaking, fire walking, glass walking as well as courses on parenting and self-motivation.

    Regardless of your age, our Self-Defense/Kung-Fu Program offers a great way for you to train your body and mind through work in the martial arts. And you’ll find it’s a great way to bring out the best in you while greatly increasing your quality of life. Our total focus is on the positive attributes everyone brings to class and within this environment, helping you expand your self-esteem and achieve higher goals.

    You’ll find our School emphasizes discipline and the value of persisting until goals are reached. But I’m not asking you to believe what I say about Fang Shen Do. I want you to experience it for yourself. Talking or reading alone isn’t enough to get the feel for what we’re talking about.

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