grappling-seminar-320x214Back in 1989 Sijo Jacques Patenaude started what was then called “Special Classes”, reserved for only the most advanced of students. These students sought to test their skill, dabble in various arts and pull in what they felt best suited their personal style. These long hours over a yearly ten week program produced many good fighters.

But this design had a crucial flaw: as our curriculum was streamlined and these special classes were integrated into Fang Shen Do, only the advanced students had access to these drills and techniques. Nobody but the select few who stuck around long enough after black belt got to benefit from them.

We decided to change the format, and our approach to advanced martial arts.

All of the advanced techniques developed and perfected over the 21 years of “Special Classes” were adapted and moved to the junior levels. The sooner our students were exposed these teachings, the faster they progressed in their learning.

The competitive advantage

Some of the advanced techniques were best suited for competition, while others were too brutal and were therefore kept for our Self-Defence/Kung-Fu classes – a part of our program reserved for real life self-defence.

The other half of our advanced techniques went into this program: The Sanshou/MMA Program. Here, you’ll find the best conditioning drills, techniques, practice and principles to be successful in tournaments and competitions.

If competing is something you would like to do one day, this is the place to start.

What if I’m not a competitor, can I still participate?

Absolutely. And we encourage you to. Many of our students have no desire to compete in a ring, and that’s totally okay. This program is perfectly suited for those who want to get in shape quickly, shed some fat, increase their cardio, coordination and flexibility. Get to know all the basic hand and food combinations & strikes, footwork and defensive skills. Learn to use equipment such as Focus Mitts, Heavy Bag, Thai Bag, Thai Pads, Speed Bag and more. Learn sparring drills to increase timing, reflexes and confidence.

This program is designed to be simple and fast to learn. Yet effective.

Whether you want to become an official member of our competitive team, train with us in class
or attend our annual fight camps: don’t hesitate to come in and give Sanshou/MMA a try!