Weapon Training

patenaude-martin-320x214At Patenaude Martial Arts, you can choose from a variety of different weapons to train with, such as:

Single & Double Sticks (24″ to 34″), The Blade, Tonfa, Bokken, Bo Staff (5′ to 6′), Nunchaku, Kubotan, Karambit, Kris Swords, Jo Staff (4′), Telescopic Stick

If you’re interested in weapons, you have two training options:

– As part of our Self-Defence/Kung-Fu program, and
– Through an exclusive class reserved strictly for weapons

Our weapon training classes and program are very popular thanks to these important points:

  • Most weapons can be practiced on their own; no partner is required
  • The skills you acquire in weapons training transfer seamlessly to other areas of martial arts. This is why most students choose to integrate their weapons training with hand to hand combat skills in our Self-Defence/Kung-Fu program
  • From a self-mastery standpoint, moving weapons are the ideal form of meditation in movement. Deep concentration is achieved as well as body awareness that leaves you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated
  • If personal protection matters to you, the reality is weapons are often used in assaults and violent attacks. Being comfortable and efficient at taking down opponents who are wielding one at you is a crucial skill to have
  • Weapons training is highly effective at training: speed, balance & coordination, power, body mechanics, natural flow, control, concentration and flexibility
  • Throughout history, knowing how to use weapons ensured survival. Today, master them for serenity, finess and skill