Body says: you’re fired!

Are you overwhelmed by today’s hectic living?

Would your body fire you if it could, based on the times you missed WORK-OUTS?

Late for work 1 day (ok it happens), late 2 days (warning), 3rd time YOU’RE FIRED!

Why wouldn’t your physical training be any different?

When it comes to physical fitness you might think it would be easier to live in a monastery like Shaolin Monks and train all day every day to get results.

Very few of us have that privilege.

When you think of it, you FIND time to do the things that makes you happy.

You’re happy because you’re healthy and have your full mobility

Lose it and you’ll quickly regret not making your physical conditioning and health a priority

Why wait?

If you need results fast you’re in luck.

Station Training was created to keep you in peak physical and emotional shape in the least time possible.

If in one hand, I guaranteed you results with a 2 hour workout, a trip to the gym and a personal trainer while in the other offered you our Strength Training Program with the same results at a fraction of the time with no commute, while in the comfort of your own home or office.

What would you choose?

The answer is obvious.

It doesn’t take complex workouts or routines to get results.

Shuffle your cards, pick 15 of them, lay them down, put the music on (or download to your i-pod) and go!

You have the luxury of choosing within 50 different exercises in your stack.

As you progress your workout will get easier and so will your desire to do more.

Next, you’ll need to set a number of reps for each exercise.

Still too easy?

Work your way up to 2 minute stations instead.

Still not enough, take your intermediate stack (85 exercises) and choose from those.

I can go on like this all day. The versatility of the kits are incredible. But the best part has to be it’s SIMPLICITY.

We all have too many things to juggle: Kids, businesses, employees, relationships, AND our physical fitness?

Might as well make fitness the easy, fun part.

15 stations equals 15 minutes. You can take only 5 stations and make those the hardest ones you’ve ever done and still have a sense of accomplishment at the end and it only took you 5 minutes.

The secret is in the Intensity.

The emotion you bring to your workout. Don’t leave your problems at the door bring them with you and burn them right out of your mind and body. Use them as fuel to take your physical fitness levels to all time highs.

Your body will feel refreshed and pleasantly satisfied.

Avoid getting a Pink Slip, get your strength training kit now.

Master Yourself,

Sibok Martin

Are you a Sit -aholic?

Think about it.

How long and how many times a day do you sit?

You sit at your desk at work.

You sit in your car or bus for your daily commute.

You sit at the cafeteria or restaurant on your lunch break.

If you’re a parent and bring your kids to the park you’ll probably do like most and sit on the bench instead of playing with your kids.

Then it’s off to the house to sit some more on the couch to watch the Zombie Box.

Don’t get me wrong, some times you have to sit but no wonder people are out of shape.

This filthy habit is plaguing many of you. They say the first thing to “go” with old age are your LEGS.

Loss of strength and circulation. And I can tell you sitting isn’t the solution to solving the problem.

You know the old saying : I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees”. Let’s change knees for Butt.

Another statistic being passed around is we sleep 1/3 of our life. That means most people spend the other 1/3 on their back.

That leaves just another 1/3.

That doesn’t leave much time to do all the other things we enjoy doing and training should be a big part of that.

What’s more important than your health? NOTHING.

The first thing to beating the addiction, get out of what we call “the Trance” and when you catch yourself sitting when you could be standing, STAND.

Once you’re aware of your habit, slowly start implementing exercise when you catch yourself doing the “thing”.

Sit should mean: you owe me 10 push ups!

You’ll feel better, you’ll have more energy and you’ll beat the 2 o’clock fatigue.

When you’re stronger at push-ups then grab one of our Strength Training Kits. You’ll kiss the addiction goodbye and proudly say: I’ve been sit-sober for the past 6 mths :)

Master Yourself,

Sibok Martin