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Are you a Sit -aholic?

Think about it.

How long and how many times a day do you sit?

You sit at your desk at work.

You sit in your car or bus for your daily commute.

You sit at the cafeteria or restaurant on your lunch break.

If you’re a parent and bring your kids to the park you’ll probably do like most and sit on the bench instead of playing with your kids.

Then it’s off to the house to sit some more on the couch to watch the Zombie Box.

Don’t get me wrong, some times you have to sit but no wonder people are out of shape.

This filthy habit is plaguing many of you. They say the first thing to “go” with old age are your LEGS.

Loss of strength and circulation. And I can tell you sitting isn’t the solution to solving the problem.

You know the old saying : I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees”. Let’s change knees for Butt.

Another statistic being passed around is we sleep 1/3 of our life. That means most people spend the other 1/3 on their back.

That leaves just another 1/3.

That doesn’t leave much time to do all the other things we enjoy doing and training should be a big part of that.

What’s more important than your health? NOTHING.

The first thing to beating the addiction, get out of what we call “the Trance” and when you catch yourself sitting when you could be standing, STAND.

Once you’re aware of your habit, slowly start implementing exercise when you catch yourself doing the “thing”.

Sit should mean: you owe me 10 push ups!

You’ll feel better, you’ll have more energy and you’ll beat the 2 o’clock fatigue.

When you’re stronger at push-ups then grab one of our Strength Training Kits. You’ll kiss the addiction goodbye and proudly say: I’ve been sit-sober for the past 6 mths :)

Master Yourself,

Sibok Martin