Kung-Fu Book sells well over 3000 copies!

Who would of thought that this little book would get this much attention?

Some people prefer to see a technique or drill being applied, some need to be told, and some need to have it done on them to understand.

Others need to read it and only then will it sink in.

10 Secrets to a Rock Solid Martial Arts Foundation lays the ground work for any serious martial artist who wants to gain an edge through physical development and creating strong mind/body
connections as well as increase flexibility safely and quickly.

Learn from Sijo Jacques Patenaude as you find out unique life principles that led to opening one of the largest chains of kung-fu schools in Canada.

Literally starting with nothing, a gym bag, his girlfriend and a dream. Find out what started it all and who would be responsible for laying down the building blocks, the core principles that would shape his character and lead him to establish the Fang Shen Do System.

We refer to our system as the “FSD Project”. It is alive, always growing, always learning, always evolving.

So what does it mean for you?

A guarantee, that you receive the most cutting edge principles and training techniques on the planet in the fastest time possible.

These 10 secrets will help pave the way for accelerated learning and give you the tools you need to succeed in all areas of your life.

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Sibok Martin