Dramatically cut your workout time to a mere…10 minutes flat!

Fitness training

Sibok M. patenaude performing Tigers

Imagine if you could cut your training time to just 10 minutes… TOTAL. Yet also turbo-charge your fitness like never before.

Think of what you could do with all that spare time.

You might spend it with your kids or spouse. Or maybe with that new hobby.

Here’s the thing… most people just don’t believe it’s possible.

But they’re wrong!

That’s because we’ve been training just such a system, one we’ve tested, proven & perfected in our 15 schools, for more than 40 years… with amazing results…

This workout is a unique circuit training methodology we call Station Training.

Whether you’re already a student at one of our schools or thinking of becoming one, the training tips found inside the book will give you an edge when it comes to planning your workouts.

You’ll learn which exercises to do…

… and more precisely WHY they were designed in the first place.

If you’ve been struggling to build muscle, lose weight or find the right fitness program, look no more further…
You’re in luck, we just released a brand new eBook on the subject and we want to have it

We want you to know what we know.

There are over a hundred high-resolution photographs illustrating east step of the exercises.

The foundation laid in the book will lead you to do 100 straight push-ups, even possibly get you to do 1-arm 2-finger push-ups, holding your leg above your head with ease, and build a mindset around training where you never give up or falter

. Here is the link to get on Amazon right now. and because it’s on kindle, it’s only $9.99 and there’s no shipping costs — you could get started immediately.


Walk the path, stay on the path of self-mastery,

Sibok Martin

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