If You Need to Attack, You Must Know How to Close

Imagine a Formula One Race Car capable of extreme speeds but no tires to ride on.

Pointless right?

No matter which martial art you practice, once you’ve learned techniques, the next most important thing to learn and ask yourself is:

“How will I reach my opponent with these techniques?”

In my opinion, if you can’t reach your opponent, everything you’ve learned is pretty much useless.

All you’re doing really is what my father would call “Dry land swimming”

Ain’t never gonna learn to swim on the side of the pool

You gotta eventually jump in.

That’s where Closing comes in.

As in, “Closing the gap” between you and your opponent.

These techniques are designed to help you build greater confidence and allow you to fully engage your opponent.

Think of it as getting your foot in the door. Once it’s in, entering just got easier

Closing has to be one of the most important elements of any martial art system

It’s unfortunate that so many martial arts systems focus too much on forms and katas (long winded movements done in the air)

As long as there’s a “Gap” between the two of you, you’re both wasting your time.

You might of witnessed this in a UFC fight where both fighters fail to engage one another and makes for a boring fight and unhappy fans

Don’t miss out, master this skill today.

You’ll learn ways to use your full body weight behind your offense and hide your physical intention to attack.

And, the most crucial point, the Emotional Spark

How to turn yourself on and never second guess yourself.

You’ll learn it all in the Closing Series

Stay on the path, walk the path of self-mastery,

Sibok Martin

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